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Partner Success Story: BDO Australia

BDO Australia helps clients achieve their goals with Marmalade.


BDO Australia helps clients achieve their goals with Marmalade

Dylan Byrne knows what good cash-flow looks like. As a partner at BDO Australia, one of Australia’s leading accountancy and advisory firms, he works with businesses of all sizes to help them set goals for the future and, more importantly, achieve those goals.

So when Dylan found a new solution to help his clients improve their cash-flow goals, he knew it was worth exploring.

“Accountants tend to go to traditional forms of finance as the solution, and there’s a place for that,” he said.

“But what Marmalade has done is provide an alternative that should definitely be considered, because it’s probably the better product in a lot of respects and in the right circumstances”

Dylan Byrne

Marmalade is designed to enable businesses to take complete control of their cash-flow. They choose the eligible invoices they want to cash-in and when they want to do it, and can get payment within just 24 hours – all for one low fee.

Dylan said Marmalade’s ease of use and transparent cost structure are amongst its many benefits for businesses.

“It integrates with the software that most people are using,” he said.

“Also, the client is not personally responsible for that debt, so from that perspective for the right scenario and the right industries, it’s a great product.”

It’s not only businesses that benefit from the alternative cash-flow solution; Dylan said Marmalade unlocks advantages for accountants too.

“The main benefit is that our clients are succeeding, and that’s what we exist for,” he said.

“Our clients are able to manage their cash-flow better, they’re more resilient and can reinvest their cash-flow into growing their businesses and achieving their strategy.

“That’s why I get out of bed every morning – to help my clients achieve that”

Dylan Byrne