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Retail has steadily become one of the most booming industries over the last several years. This is likely due to the mass surge in online shopping, which has provided unmatched convenience and flexibility to consumers.

That said, seasonal changes and fluctuating demand remain challenging for many retailers. And as a result, retail cash flow may dwindle.

More than 70% of SMBs experienced cash flow issues in the first half of 2021, citing unpaid invoices as the biggest reason for cash flow difficulties.

Cash flow is the heart of every business and ensures every area runs smoothly. However, our research found that more than 70% of SMBs experienced cash flow issues in the first half of 2021, citing unpaid invoices as the biggest reason for cash flow difficulties.

Negative retail cash flow, whether from unpaid invoices or slower sales, can wreak havoc on any retailer and could even be the reason you’re forced to close your doors for good. So what kind of financing assistance is available for retailers, and more importantly, which solution can drive the results you need?

Finance for retail — what are your options?

No matter how long you’ve been in business, every retail business needs a cash boost every now and then. And if you’ve been experiencing a dip in funds, you may be considering retail cash flow alternatives, such as a small business loan or credit card.

Small businesses loan

Business loans can give retailers access to instant cash, which they can use on anything, from investing in new equipment to renovating. It’s worth noting that business loans often feature high-interest rates and large upfront or ongoing fees, which can be a massive financial stressor.

Depending on the lender you opt for, they may also ask you to offer a form of security to be used as collateral against the loan. This is to minimise their risk of non-payment.

Tighter lending restrictions have also increased the number of rejected applications. Our research found that of the 260,000 small business loan applications submitted yearly, only 182,000 are approved. Not only does this leave you with little to go on, but being rejected also means a mark on your company's credit history.

Credit cards

Like a regular credit card, business credit cards provide instant cash to their users. Many business owners opt for a business credit card to pay for unforeseen expenses or to purchase new supplies — a flexible option when you need to cover smaller expenses.

While business credit cards come with massive credit limits and small interest rates, you can get in trouble if you cannot repay the balance and be stung with late payment fees. Annual and monthly service fees are another thing to be aware of — these can seriously eat into your company's budget.

So, how can retail owners safeguard their business without taking on additional risks and expenses? Meet Marmalade.

How to improve cashflow in small businesses with Marmalade

Between high-interest rates and stricter approval criteria, many retail SMBs may hesitate to seek alternative financing to help with their cash flow. And in our experience, this forces many businesses to close down or miss out on opportunities to grow. That’s why we decided to create a cost-effective product that puts retailers back in the driver’s seat.

Marmalade is a first-of-its-kind solution to a common cash flow problem: unpaid invoices. With Marmalade, users can relearn how to manage cash flow in retail by having instant access to funds. Here’s how Marmalade works:

How to get started with Marmalade

Here's a quick walkthrough of how Marmalade works:

  1. 01

    Sign up for a free account with Marmalade

  2. 02

    Issue invoices with Marmalade Virtual Bank Account (VBA) details

  3. 03

    Select invoices you would like to have paid early

  4. 04

    Pay a one-time fee of between 3-5.5% per invoice

  5. 05

    Get your money within one business day

Marmalade is not a lender or credit provider, so we do not charge any interest for our service, plus we happily absorb the risk of non-payment — giving you added peace of mind. Other flexible features that come with being a Marmalade user include:

  • Seamless integration with Xero and Quickbooks
  • Total visibility over the status of your invoices clear indications of what invoices you can receive early payment for
  • No time-consuming paperwork or security needed
  • Transparent and honest pricing

Discover a better way to do business with Marmalade and take back control of your cash flow. Create your account and get started today.

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